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Model of an Iron Age Broch

How did the earliest people live ?
This is a model of a Broch,
an imposing home for an iron age family.
Standing Stones

Where are the standing stones ?
All over Mull, you will find standing stones,
some in groups and some standing alone.
Model of a diving bell

What lies at the bottom of Tobermory Bay ?
In 1588 a vessel of the Spanish Armada sank in the bay - a rumour has persisted ever since, that a vast treasure was on board.
Moy Castle

What is inside Moy Castle ?
Moy Castle is not open to the public so we have made a model, opened up for you to see inside.
The terror of Tobermory

Who was the terror of Tobermory ?
If you had been a young naval officer here in World War II you too might have been terrified of him.
The clocktower

Who paid for the town clock ?
Isabella Bird

Isabella Bird, Victorian world traveller, had the clock built in memory of her sister Henrietta.